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Cheap car rental Christchurch

Frequently Asked Questions

I see you offer cheap car rental. Is it a rent a dent style service?

Most of Shoestring Rentals’ cars are 6-8 years old, no dents, and very well serviced. So no, we are not exactly a rent a dent operation but yes we can offer value through having slightly older, really well maintained cars. We haven’t had anyone need the breakdown guarantee refund.

Can I collect the car from the airport?

Yes you can. We will pick you up in your car 5 mins after you call me.

Is your base open for early morning departures?

Yes, you are able to drop your car off 24/7 for no charge at our base (22 Perimeter Rd), which is a 400m walk to the terminals.

Is Shoestring a nationwide chain?

Sorry, we only operate our cars in the South Island at this stage.

With Covid-19 around, what extra cleaning and sanitising is Shoestring Rentals doing?

Our triple vaccinated staff are very proud of our cleaning processes, but have increased sanitisation of keys, steering wheels and other highly utilised areas of the vehicle.  They are always adhering to good hand hygiene and wearing disposable gloves when cleaning.

I am arriving very late at night. Can I still collect the car at this time?

Yes, you certainly can. At no extra charge we will pick you up 24/7.

What is the airport pickup process?

Once you have your bags call us on the 0800 number and we will meet you at a designated place within 5mins in your car. We will then take you to our base 400m away and complete the contract there. You should be away in your Shoestring car within 10 mins from pickup (the quickest get away at the Airport).

Can I drop the car off at a different destination to Christchurch?

We are sorry, but at this stage all drop offs have to be back at the Christchurch Airport. There are buses and taxis into the city if needed.

Can I hire a GPS or baby seats with the car?

Yes GPS (Garmin and Navman touch screen) are $8/day and a full range of baby seats are $30. Chains are $40.

If there is a breakdown, what do I do?

You will call the AA (phone and client numbers will be on contract) who will come to your aid anywhere. They will either fix your vehicle or tow you to the nearest garage for repairs. This is a free service other than for non mechanical, e.g no fuel, lost keys, flat battery etc.

Why is the price on the internet different to what I got in my quote?

The price displayed on the internet is for a 14 day hire during the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring. Winter is cheaper and summer is more expensive. Shorter times are more expensive e.g. a 1 day hire can be double the 14 day rate.

Can I extend the hire?

Yes you can, providing you call me to ascertain that the car would be available, and at least 48 hrs or more in advance of the scheduled return date.

In case my plans change, can I cancel the hire?

Yes you can always cancel, but there is a fee of 20% of the hire if the hire is cancelled within 5 days of starting.

Can I reduce the $2000 insurance excess down?

Yes you can reduce it to $250 for a cost of $20/day. This decision can be made on the hire day. We do not reduce to zero.

Do your cars have tow bars?

Sorry we have no tow bars.

Do you take a deposit or the payment in full when I do the booking online?

We don't take a deposit when booking, unlike most other companies. However we require your credit card details to confirm the booking. No money is deducted until hire day.

What is the cost of collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance?

The cost of CDW is $20 per day. With this cover, the insurance excess is reduced from $2000 to just $250.

Can your people movers take up to 8 people?

We have both 7 and 8 seater vehicles (Toyota Estima). There is room for 1 soft sports bag per person.

Does my insurance cover a broken windscreen?

It does, but you still have to pay the excess ($2000 or $250 if CDW taken).

Do you hire chains in the winter time?

Yes, we do. There is a cost of $40. Please  get them fitted on properly or hire a 4WD from us if heading up to snow areas. Highway passes are often closed if they get snow on them.

Can I rent a car with a debit card instead of a credit card?

Sorry, we only take cash and credit cards.

Can I hire a car if under 25 years?

Yes you can hire a car from us, but if under 21yrs a $3000 excess applies.

Do the rental car rates given cover all of my costs?

Yes at Shoestring Rentals there are no hidden extras. Insurance and unlimited km is included, as are all taxes. This includes free pickup 24hrs!

How does Shoestring run the petrol or gas levels?

We run a same level policy. You get a full tank at the beginning, and when you return you are expected to return it totally full. Unfilled cars will incur a penalty fee. All our cars run on 91 Octane or greater.

If I'm from overseas, do I need an "International Driver's Permit/Licence"?

No you do not, your local licence will be valid in NZ, providing it is in English and we can read the Licence Number and the Date of Birth.

How old are your cars?

Shoestring cars and people movers generally range from 6 to 10 years in age. All vehicles have nationwide Automobile Association breakdown coverage. No matter how old a car is, it has to pass the NZ Government's rigorous 6 monthly Certificate of Fitness safety inspection test.

Do you charge for additional drivers?

Definitely not as we encourage drivers to change if travelling long distances. When you pick up your car rental you can add further drivers to the rental agreement without incurring any additional charges.

When I book a car, will my credit card be debited?

No, it will not. Your credit card details are used to secure your booking, but will only be debited at the time you pick up the vehicle.

Is this site secure?

Yes, the booking form is secure. The padlock will display in your browser. If you right click on the Shoestring car booking form and check the page properties you will see that they are secure forms.

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